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Any person, be it a member or non-member, acting as a participant or spectator, at any SRWA & Sussex Bears Basketball Club training session, competitive match, or Club event, shall be duty-bound to adhere to all Club regulations, rules, policies, and procedures. This includes anyone representing the Club at any other event, or in any formal capacity.

Club regulations will be published on this website and/or emailed to members as required; for example, team information for a tournament or event.

Club regulations automatically include any rule, policy,
or procedure published by:

  • Sussex Bears Basketball Club
  • Sir Robert Woodard Academy
  • FIBA
  • Basketball England
  • BasketballSUSSEX
Member registration form (to be uploaded). Must be completed and signed by every Player, Coach, Team Manager, volunteer, or member of staff acting in any official capacity for the club.

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